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Over a decade of experience in organising events, weddings and parties

  • Cristina Molero
    Cristina Molero
    Cristina Molero
    Google wedding planner and you will find her photo

    An innate organiser, her imagination knows no limits and she thrives on challenges. You only have to tell how you imagine your wedding, party or event and she will make it reality.

    Mobile no.: +34 690 811 360
    Email. cristina.molero@myseventos.com

  • Isabel Molero
    Isabel Molero
    Isabel Molero
    Control, control and more control

    Isabel does not miss a thing. She can anticipate the unexpected and even plan for them! She exudes confidence and composure; team control and coordination are her bailiwick.

    Mobile no.: +34 690 811 362
    Email. isabel.molero@myseventos.com

Eventos y planifiación cuando uno hace lo que le gusta

Nuestro objetivo es aportar ideas únicas y soluciones para que vuestra boda o evento sea único, disfrutéis y sea uno de los mejores recuerdos de vuestra vida.