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Personal events

Trust and understanding is key

We have organised numerous events and celebrations for individuals, from beach or home weddings to birthdays and anniversaries for the whole family.

Just tell us what you would like and we will take care of it!

Fill in our questionnaire
Simple questions that will help us know what you need

When meeting a client who wants to celebrate a party, wedding, birthday or any other event, the first thing we do is prepare a check-list, ask some direct and simple questions such as the date of the event, the number of guests and the place where it will be held.
Through this initial interaction, we can gain an idea of what is wanted.
That is when the magic starts and we get to work.

We start to devise and outline the plan

We will suggest various alternatives that suit your tastes, preferences and budget. With over 10 years' experience, we save you a large amount of time and dedication; this is what our clients greatly appreciate, as well as our personal attention and ability to resolve any unexpected situation.
During this stage, we forge trust and intimacy: keys to a fully successful celebration.

Decisions made, the countdown begins

Have we chosen and booked everything? Start the countdown!
At this stage, we take charge of the supervision and coordination of the work of the different team members, from suppliers to any guest who needs special assistance. We leave nothing to chance. We follow a concise plan and react quickly; the unexpected is kept outside the door.

The big day at long last

On the day of the celebration, your only concern will be how much fun you, your family and friends can have the special day. Those inimitable moments, we will make the special for you and your own.
Our team will take care of everything: supervision and control are the key.
Mingle, take photos, enjoy and feel like a guest, you will not be doing anything except hosting your guests.

We will be by your side

Events quite often end several days later. We want everything to revert to normal as soon as possible while you only concern yourself with remembering the best moments of your event.
We sort out everything and you can dedicate yourself to remembering happy moments, because life is the sum of all the good times that we have and remember.